Essay Writing (Television)

IELTS-Writing1Some people believe that television is a powerful educational tool. Other people believe that television is nothing more than mindless entertainment and should be discouraged. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Provide examples and supporting evidence to back up your opinion on this subject.

Television, like any other types of technology, can be used both in a good or bad way. Some believe TV is the best learning media human has ever made, whereas others claim it is designed only for entertaining people and nothing more. I myself think I is an individual choice to watch informative programs or mindless ones. It is widely believed that TV is still the best learning media. In many countries, like Japan, there are several channels which provide learning materials for students in primary and secondary schools. There are also several international documentary channels, like National Geography, which attract a wide range of audiences in different ages and educational levels. Thus, it is obvious that TV provides useful programs as well which are beneficial for many. However, some people believe there are more useless programs. This group claim TV mostly shows sexual or violent contents which are devastating for everyone’s mental health. I think it is a personal choice to watch which type of programs. In fact, watching TV can play as a double edge sword like any other technologies. On the other hand, nowadays, usually there is a guide mark for each program declare if it contains sexual or violent contents. So everyone can easily choose his desired program to watch. T conclude, since watching TV takes a sizeable portion of our leisure time, it is considerably importantmake our best choice to use it efficiently. Indeed, watching documentaries is not only entertaining, but also it provide us with lots of information in a reasonable time easily.

Estimated band score: 6.5

Word Count: 260

Examiner Comment: The candidate has addressed the task statement relevantly. The main ideas are organized well and explained coherently. Paragraphing of the essay is fine. However, there are many grammatical errors. Overall, the essay can be improved further.