Essay Writing (Marriage)

IELTS-Writing1Some people believe that marriage is a natural and vital part of one’s life. However some other people believe that marriage has become a redundant institution and no longer has much relevance for today’s youth.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Provide examples and supporting evidence to back up your opinion on this subject.

In this modern era, getting married or not is a heated debate. Some people believe it is an old-fashion lifestyle while others consider it as a necessity. I believe marriage is a part of every normal human’s life as firstly children deserve a suitable upbringing in a family and secondly when we get aged, we need someone around who passionately care about us. Some people believe marriage is an old-fashion way of life. They argue why two people should spend their entire lives together. Indeed, they feel people do not need each other like the past. They add, since men and women are equal in many countries these days, there is no need to be attached to each other. On the other hand, family is known as the smallest unit of each society with main responsibility of nurturing children. Psychologists believe children who are grown up in a single parent families have the highest rate of anxiety and depression. In fact, if people do not make a family, since there is no guarantee that they would not have children, there would be a high rate of kids who live in single parent families. Children deserve an appropriate upbringing in an environment wheremother and father give them love and enough attention. Furthermore, when people get old, they always need someone who care about them and be with them. In the past, children used to stay with their parents in same house, even after marriage. However, nowadays, as soon as they get 18 they leave their parental house. To conclude, as far as I am concerned, it is not realistic to assume people do not need each other at all. Marriage is not only beneficial in old ages, but also it is necessary for children to grow up in house with both parents.

Estimated band score: 7.0

Word Count: 302

Examiner Comment: The candidate has covered all the main parts of the task. The ideas and information are relevant to the task and there is a clear overall progression. However, there are some errors in grammar. Overall, the essay meets the expectations.