Essay Writing (Museums)

IELTS-Writing1Museums often contain objects of great value from ancient civilizations around the world. Some people say these items should be returned to their countries of origin.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Museums are best places to present ancient priceless objects. Sometimes, objects from other countries are kept in another country. Although this seems to be unfair, it is strongly suggested to do so in some cases. Safety and well-presenting are two certain reasons which support this idea. First and foremost, specifically when there is a war in country, it is better to move some valuable objects to other country to keep them safe. As an example, in recent war in Iraq, no one could save some priceless monuments which belonged to 5000 years ago. If those valuable objects were moved to another country, they could have been saved from bombs or air-force attacks. Hence, nowadays that there are several wars in some ancient countries, like Iraq an Egypt, it seems that keeping their historical objects in another country can be the best way to save them. On the other hand, some countries are significantly better in presenting objects in their museums. For instance, France and Italy are known for their spectacular museums which amaze every one. Provided that presenting an item in those country result in better introduction, it is even better for the country of origin as the goal is to introduce ancient countries to the globe. To sum up, in some difficult situations, it seems to be more logical to keep ancient items of the great value in a safe and more reliable country. Moreover, presenting an item in some countries can be even more beneficial for their countries as a greater number of people can get familiar with them. I believe, it is more advantageous for every nation to see the issue more global and let other countries to save their historical items.

Estimated band score: 7.0

Word Count: 285

Examiner Comment: The candidate’s effort to accomplish the task response is visible. The supporting points are fine. However, there are some mistakes related to grammar and word choice. Overall, the essay meets the expectations.