Essay Writing (Travel)

IELTS-Writing1The growth in international travel means that misunderstandings between countries will inevitably decrease. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Recently, a heated debate arose when some developed countries like Russia claim that we are running out of some natural resources and this is the main reason of recent global recession. I believe, on one hand, human is always able to find a suitable substitute for resources and on the other hand, we are clever enough to make a new way to deal with economic crises.

With the advent of technology, human have found alternative resources. In the past, gas and oil were the only source of energy, specifically in industrial level, while, nowadays many countries are using nuclear power as an alternative. Another example can be solar and wind energy. These types of energies which are considered as sustainable energy are wildly used in many developed countries, like the USA even in industrial level. In fact, it does not mean that natural resources are endless, however, as it is obviously clear, there is always an alternative for current resources.

On the other hand, there are many ways to deal with economic problems. There are several types of economic systems. Systems which are totally dependent on natural resources like Middle Eastern countries, and systems which are slightly independent like Turkey. In fact, lack of natural resources can certainly effects on dependent countries, however, if they redesign their systems and try to us other typesthey can easily handle this issue. For example in Turkey, economy is dependent on tourism industry, so, even if they get rid ofnatural resources, their economy would not face serious problem.

To conclude, as far as I know, human has always been able to deal with problems. Moreover, the solution for this issue can be easily implemented either by finding alternative resource or changing the economic appraches.

Estimated band score: 6.0 or 6.5

Word Count: 292

Examiner Comment: The candidate’s effort to accomplish the task is visible. The ideas presented are irrelevant to the task statement. There are several errors related to grammar and word choice. Moreover, choice of words could have been better at some places. Overall, the essay can be improved further.