Essay Writing (Travel)


Today more people are travelling than ever before.Why is this the case?

What are the benefits of travelling for the traveller?



In today’s modernized era, by the advancement of transportation, travelling is considerably easier in comparison to the past. Consequently, more people tend to travel these days. In general, travelling always brings unique experiences for travellers. On one hand, people acquire magnificent life skills, on the other hand, it broaden their horizon .

Nowadays, travelling is highly facilitated. In fact, in past it was very frustrating, specifically for long distances. Before industrial revolution, when camels and horses were the only transportation means, a trip from one city to another could have taken more than several days or even for long distances, in some cases, it could be impossible. However, nowadays, by the advent of technology, people can easily travel by huge fast plains , extremely fast trains or modern cars. This facilitation persuade people to travel more and more.

By travelling, people get some unique experiences which help them to acquire specific life skills, such as, communication and socializing. According to Global Psychology Institute report, published on 2013, people who travel more than twice a year are 50 percent more successful in their social life. Besides, learning about other nations broaden people horizon . People mostly have some strict pre-judgement particularly about other cultures and religions, but when they gain face to face experiences, by going abroad, they can have fair and better understanding about other countries.

To sum up, industrial revolution was the start point for transportation advancement and year by year travelling got easier after that time . This improvement has persuaded people to travel more and more. It gave them the opportunity to gain some useful life skills and helped them to be more knowledgeable about other cultures and religions.


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  4. However, there are several mistakes related to grammar and word choice
  5. Overall, the essay can be improved further.